Austin Children's Shelter A Project of Austin Children's Shelter

For more than 30 years Austin Children's Shelter has endeavored to serve the most vulnerable members of our community – which has often meant adapting our services and programs, such as creating and supporting foster, kinship and adoptive families. Today, Austin Children's Shelter aims to not just to house children, but to provide kind and caring environments that allow them to begin healing and learning to thrive. Our continued commitment to meeting our community's youth shelter and services needs will be bolstered by your donation.

Your donation could provide:

$1,000 - Recalibrates our lab's centrifuge (mandatory annual service)
$500 - Enables independence by covering driver's education and associated licensing costs for one resident
$275 - Monthly stipend for child in Transitional Living and Supervised Independent Living to cover bills like: cell phone, transportation, clothing, groceries, etc.
$100 - Increases cultural sensitivity and identification by providing diverse dolls for play therapy
$50 - One weighted blanked to help a child with sensory processing issues stay grounded and regulate their emotions
$25 - Provides TB testing for new residents

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